Unmanaged vs. Managed VPS Hosting – What’s the difference?

As you might know, RocketVPS offers unmanaged vps hosting services for experienced VPS hosting professionals and people who are generally not afraid of the command line. But how ‘unmanaged’ is our hosting service? And is ‘Unmanaged’ a good term? Does it mean we do nothing for you?

No, this isn’t true. We offer ‘self-managed’ VPS hosting services here at RocketVPS, which basically means we set up your OpenVZ-based VPS, install a control panel (we offer cPanel) and you’ll then receive your login details in your mailbox so you can go ahead and do what you want to do with your VPS.

But what if you mess something up? What if your VPS won’t boot anymore, or you want your Operating System changed or reloaded? Are you on your own here?

Good news: You aren’t. We don’t offer support for any software installed on your VPS after we deliver it, but we do give support when you mess something up, or when something is malfunctioning. Even with OS reloads we are here to help you. But that really is as far as our ‘Self-Managed’ support goes. We do expect you to know a thing or two about managing your own Virtual Server, but we won’t let you host any website or application on an unsafe environment! So all in all: if you’re not afraid to do some management on your own server, then RocketVPS is a perfect fit for you! Please be aware that this support is only limited to the actual functioning of your VPS. Any software installed on your VPS is not supported by us. We generally don’t support anything on your VPS, we just make sure it works and boots.

But what if you need more support? Around the clock assistence in case something goes wrong?

RocketVPS is a daughter company of KnownHost (KH). KH offers fully managed and fully supported web hosting services for anybody that needs support whenever they are working on their server.

KH offers fully managed VPS hosting services, which basically means that we also support your clients or users, any software you might have installed on your Managed VPS and even when you’ve crashed your WordPress install, we will try and help you out with that.

Yes, such support comes with a price tag, but we do offer very competitive pricing on both of our brands. RocketVPS is more ‘bottom of the barrell’ than KnownHost’s services, but both are supported by the same great KnownHost support team, so rest assured that your Virtual Private Server is in safe hands with us!

It all depends on your needs. Are you willing to open up a Command Line when you want to check something on your server? Can you install and configure your own software and manage your own clients or users? Then rely on the power and uptime of RocketVPS’ services.

Do you need full-blown support around the clock for anything related to your server, your clients, software and Operating System? Then rely on the Fully Managed VPS Hosting Services by our parent company KnownHost.

We can guarantee you that no matter which brand you choose, we’re always here to assist you and give you the best hosting experience and the most bang for your buck.

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